Thanks to DoveVivo renting out your house is so much easier

These days anyone can rent out their house through websites, portals, estate agents, word of mouth. There are many quick solutions, however, they incur commission fees, they require time to look for and manage tenants and they bring financial and contractual risks.

This is where DoveVivo comes in as an alternative to traditional renting (both long and short-term), allowing you to generate the maximum return with the minimum effort from your rental.

So, if you are wondering how to rent out your property, DoveVivo is the answer to your question.

DoveVivo rents apartments, groups of apartments or entire buildings and manages them as shared long-term rentals. We are constantly looking for:

  • Individual apartments of >80 m2
  • Property complexes and entire buildings
  • Strategic position: central or semi-central areas with good public transport links
  • Properties requiring renovation, either empty or partially furnished
How to rent your house?

Rent out your apartment easily, safely, guaranteed

Discover how to rent your house with DoveVivo

DoveVivo is looking for owners who want to rent out their property and enjoy a secure and continuous income without worrying about managerial issues.

With DoveVivo you can rent out your house, at no cost, by drawing up a standard rental contract with the authorisation to sublet and have nothing to think about except receiving the rent. DoveVivo looks after the rest:

  • Property renovationChanging furnishings if necessary, activating the utilities and completing the paperwork
  • Looking for tenants based on the features of the property and the building, and drawing up standard subletting contracts with them
  • Offering standard maintenance services and providing fast, professional unscheduled maintenance  
  • Managing the relationship with condominium authorities and relationships between housemates.