DoveVivo is the perfect solution if you want to support and grow your real estate agency business. Want to find out how?
DoveVivo is the leader in the co-living sector in Italy. We collaborate with lots of estate agents with our formula that lets you maximize the revenue on the properties you manage, save time and money, as well as ‘sell’ more complex solutions.
If you’re looking for the right tenant for an owner who entrusted their property to you, or if you’re struggling to put an apartment on the market because it’s in bad condition or is too large, you’re in the right place.
DoveVivo works in partnership with estate agents to build synergetic relationships over the long term. In a short space of time, we’ll help ‘fill’ the apartment, generating higher revenues than market standards while tailoring everything to the years left on the contract. What do we offer?
  • lots of opportunities to collaborate and develop your business
  • consolidated sector experience guaranteed to provide protection, peace of mind and security
  • an easy process that can be repeated for each property
  • the opportunity to build a winning relationship over the long term
Offer DoveVivo the properties entrusted to you without investing money and resources in research, publicity, commercial visits and tenant checks.
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