Thanks to DoveVivo renting out your house is so much easier

One of the main concerns when renting out your house is the people who will live there. How can you ensure that you have the fewest possible number of problems from your tenants?

The most common problems relate mainly to three issues:

  • Continuous turnover of tenants or, conversely, difficulty in regaining possession of the property
  • Compliance with rent regulations, to avoid encountering legal problems
  • Reliability of tenants, to avoid the risk of rent defaults

All these issues can be resolved by relying on DoveVivo.

DoveVivo draws up a standard rental contract, rents the property and becomes the owner’s single point of contact. DoveVivo then draws up other subletting contracts with the individual tenants, selecting them on the basis of a few simple rules to ensure a smooth ongoing relationship between the landlords and tenants - young people living away from home for study or work who choose shared accommodation with all the home comforts. All of whom have the necessary and valid documentation. Tenants that make renting out your house safe and easy!

DoveVivo draws up standard contracts with its subtenants for a minimum duration of one year and is then responsible for replacing them, guaranteeing the owner continuity of income regardless of potential vacant periods.

Who should you rent your apartment?

The DoveVivo Formula for renting out your house

Discover how to rent your house with DoveVivo

If you think that finding tenants to rent out your apartment to is risky and presents too many problems, the easiest solution is to trust DoveVivo. In doing so, there will be:

  • no financial risks: with DoveVivo there are no delays, vacant periods, arrears, losses
  • no contractual risks: with DoveVivo you avoid abandonment of the property, tenants staying beyond their deadline and legal action
  • no rent management problems: DoveVivo takes responsibility for finding and managing tenants, maintenance, and bureaucratic and legal requirements (e.g. contract registration at the Income Revenue Authority, revenue stamps, facilities certifications, etc.)

What’s more, there is total transparency between DoveVivo and the owner: we share every aspect of managing the property, looking after it as if it were our own!

The DoveVivo Formula for renting out your house