Renting out your house with DoveVivo is cheaper

In an increasingly fluid work and study market, where mobility means that every year thousands of people move from one city to another, in Italy and across the world, renting out a house can provide a good additional income. What’s more, renting out your house brings another benefit worth considering: having tenants in your property, rather than leaving it unoccupied, means the facilities remain in good working order and don’t fall into disrepair.  

You may have a property but not have the time to manage it; you may inherit a property but not want to risk any negative experiences; you may have money you want to invest in a property to rent to guarantee an additional income. In any case, it is an investment whose success depends on its ability to generate income. Not easy if you need to analyse the market, understand tenants’ requirements, look for tenants, and then manage relationships and contractual agreements

Why should you rent your apartment?

DoveVivo: the solution that reduces your risks to a minimum and brings in a high rental income

Discover why renting your house with DoveVivo

With more than ten years’ experience in the sector, DoveVivo:

  • knows the market and rental trends;
  • designs an accommodation solution – single and double rooms in beautifully furnished, fully-equipped shared apartments – that meets your target market’s demands (students and young professionals living away from home);
  • has a professional technical team of architects and surveyors who take care of renovationrenovation and furnishings;
  • has an experienced commercial team to put the property on the market and a customer care team available 24/7 for client relationship management.

DoveVivo is looking for large apartments to rent in central and semi-central areas of Milan, Bologna, Turin, Rome and Como. We are also here to help if you want to invest and would like to find out about the costs of buying a house.

Some examples of renovations of our owners’ houses?