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Open to talent!

  • DoveVivo has drawn up a model of excellence which contains the fundamental VALUES and best practices for helping people and the company to grow.
  • Playing an active role and communicating ideas, successes, failures, goals, methods and skills – transparently and reciprocally – as a key part of the business
  • Paying attention to the details, taking care of people and meeting their expectations to provide an excellent product, service and relationship
  • Using trust, correctness and an openness to all things new as the foundations for appreciating, valuing and integrating diversities
  • Being aware that kind actions and behaviors create long-term value for the company, community and people
  • Believing in the mission and the charter of values, and being endlessly committed to personally contributing to the development and identity of the business
  • Looking for new ideas, processes and solutions to spur the growth and satisfaction of all players
  • Behaving collaboratively, with a team spirit, to effectively face challenges and establish positive and productive relationships with a win-win mindset
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