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Working for DoveVivo: multiple benefits for our employees

Working for DoveVivo team means working for a constantly growing company as a member of a young cohesive team, in a dynamic stimulating environment. In recognition of the commitment we seek from all of our employees, we offer our Total Reward Pack made up of various benefits and enriched in 2018 by a performance evaluation system aimed at the enhancement of all staff members and linked to a further annual bonus scheme.

What does DoveVivo offer you?

As already mentioned, every DoveVivo team member receives a Total Reward Pack, made up of:
  • Gross annual salary based on past experience and in line with labour market trends
  • MBO (Management by Objectives) system including the payment of annual bonuses linked to individual, team and corporate goals, decided at the beginning of the year with each staff member
  • Company Welfare scheme, consisting in a spending account available to all staff members for the purchase of services for him/herself or for his/her family, and for travel, leisure packages, and public transport season tickets, etc
  • Diffused shareholding, Stock Grant and Stock Option plans, interlinked with personal and corporate performance, making employees shareholders of DoveVivo.
Additional benefits for our team members include: team-building and corporate social events, meal vouchers, discounts and special affiliations, and ad hoc training courses according to experience and sector.
Working for DoveVivo is a daily challenge that demands a high level of commitment and dedication. In return it provides all staff with just rewards on both a personal and professional level.
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